Visit Looking Zoo Animals

Looking Zoo

When you come to visit us at The Catskill Mountain Country Store remember to visit the animals!

Hi, my name is Wicked! I am an Arcana chicken. I have been in charge of the barnyard for the past eleven years. My barn and yard were devastated during Hurricane Irene! But…Natasha and Drew Shuster have moved the barn and restored it. I now have a new flock of chicks…all varieties. Say hello to the Peking and Mallard ducks. Sasambra our Pot Belly Pig has welcomed two new friends. Wilbur the white Pot Belly Pig and his spider Sylvia, (the great granddaughter of Charlotte). So she says!!! They were both adopted from The Catskill Animal Sanctuary. You can also visit the mini horses, Lovey, Raccoon and their Philly Lily and all the bunnies in the turn of the century Maple sap house. But a trip to The Catskill Mountain Country Store is not complete without seeing Rum Raisin our Tennessee fainting Goat and her two friends who are dwarf Nubian Goats. So come and visit!!! We are all looking forward to it!

And please remember to treat animals with love and care.