Pies, Pies, Pies

Drew and Natasha bake pies so good our customers buy 3-4-5 at a time.

Strawberry, Blueberry, Pecan – Fresh sweet strawberries, ripe local blueberries, crunchy southern pecans and a crust so good you’ll dream about it! MMM, MMM, MMM GOOD! We were voted Best Pies by the Hudson Valley Magazine. We bake our pies daily using fresh ingredients and no preservatives. We have many different pies baked every day. Please call ahead and we will be happy to bake your favorite.

AppleBest Pies by the Hudson Valley Magazine
Apple Crumb
Apple Blueberry
Apple Raspberry
Strawberry-Blueberry Pecan
Peach Blueberry
Peach PecanMore Pies
Sour Cream Peach
Apple Walnut Raisin
Apple Pecan Streusel
Pumpkin Pecan Streusel
Chocolate Pecan
Strawberry Rhubarb
Sour Cream Pear
Pumpkin Pecan
Shoo Fly Pie
Mince Meat