Catskill Mountain Country Store

5510 Route 23, Windham, NY 12496 • (518) 734-3387

6014 Main St, Tannersville, NY 12485 • (518) 589-6777

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"Take a piece of the Country Home. Shop online, now."

"A little piece of the country" can be found at 5510 Main Street in Windham and at our new location 6014 Main St. Tannersville two of the area's best-loved family destinations.


Spring is here! I know so many people could not wait for spring to come! It was a snowy and cold winter. Here at The Catskill Mountain Country Store we try and slow down a bit. Enjoying what we have right here, right now. That’s not to say I enjoy -12 degrees, but I do like how a lot of snow feels under my skis when it’s that temperature. And, I can’t say driving rain is my favorite. But the bright green grass and the spectacular rainbow that appears after the storm, there has been many a poem written about them.

Spring will be filled with just as many ups and downs as our lives are. Remember…take time to smell the flowers…because soon summer and fall...and winter will be here. Enjoy! Smile! Relax!

Our wish for you...that you find what makes you happy.

We hope you get a chance to visit us in both Windham and Tannersville. And, "Take a piece of our country home."

Our Best,

- The Shuster Family

We are glad you found us on the web and would love for you to come visit us in The Great Northern Catskill Mountains! We opened The Catskill Mountain Country Store in 1994. We started in the town of Windham, NY with a small store where we sold local crafts, fresh produce, gourmet foods and baked goods made from Pop Pop Siegfried’s recipes (Natasha’s Great Grandpop). We purchased the Windham Garden Center in 1995 and added our own garden center, looking zoo and walking paths.

Then in 2000 we built an addition for our restaurant. We have been serving the best breakfast and lunch in New York, maybe…the USA since then! But wait, there is more. IT IS OFFICIAL!!!! We are open in Tannersville, NY. Stop by at our second location for Breakfast or Lunch, or buy a great gift. Try our homemade, jams, jellies, breads, pies, sodas and the list goes on! Tannersville has a special old fashion ice cream counter. Both locations are similar, but have their own unique charm. Our entire family is excited to be in two amazing communities in the Catskills! We will be bringing to Tannersville what we have been doing successfully in Windham, for the last twenty years! This has been a wonderful journey shared by our three children, 19 year old Sydney, 18 year old Augustus and 14 year old Victoria. Come visit and share a piece of the country that we call home!

Looking forward to meeting you.

The Shuster Family

Come Visit Our Animals in the Looking Zoo!